Is the Louwman Museum open?

Is it mandatory to wear a face mask?

What are the opening hours?

Is it necessary to buy tickets online prior to my visit?

I have a Museumkaart, discount card or other valid entrance ticket. Is it therefore necessary to buy a ticket with a time slot?

Can I buy a ticket at the box office?

Can I only pay with pin or also in cash?

Why do I have to buy a ticket with a time slot?

I am accidentally late for the timeslot stated on my ticket. Can I still enter?

How many visitors are allowed in the museum at the same time?

Can I use a locker?

How long can I stay in the museum?

Is the restaurant open?

Can I visit the museum, leave to have lunch and return to the museum using the same ticket?

What measures will Louwman Museum take to make my visit as comfortable as possible?

Can I take guided tours in the museum?

Can I take photos and film in the museum?

Can I rent rooms and organize events at Louwman Museum?